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 Integrating physical and spiritual reality

A new and different way of approaching physical pain, mental uncertainty, emotional upset, behavioral trauma, and spiritual distresses. Hear with the ears of faith and see with the eyes of compassion as you embrace yourself and those around you. Practice strategies and tools that empower you. Join me on an amazing adventure of self-discovery and self-control.  

Any experience or relationship can be grasped from 5 different perspectives: physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual. Each one allows you to find meaning based on a whole person approach in dynamic relationship with your Creator.  


Simplicity of need.

Heart's desire.


Energy in action.

Physical sensations and mental thoughts.

Abstract Architecture

 Pain as a signal for life.

Opportunity and crisis.

Black and White Leaf

Adaptive response.

Outward and inward expressions.

Abstract Paint

Capacity for thought.

Rational and non-rational.


Life-giving breath.

Symbols and dreams.

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