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The Old, The New, and The Same

The new year brings change. Or does it? Many of us make New Year’s resolutions. Some of us act upon these resolutions. Few of us recognize that with every change something old passes away, something new is added, and something the same remains the same.

Change is filled with contrasting emotions:

sadness and joy. Change is like a catalytic Ross Findon, photographer

converter, moving us forward with doubt or

confidence that we will be true to our well-intended resolutions.

    This year I have made an agreement with myself to exercise on my stationary bike for 20 minutes in the morning each day. So far, a week into the new year, I have done so. My sadness about staying in bed to awaken leisurely is replaced with the joy of moving to awaken my senses surrounded by the wonder and beauty of the world outside my picture window. Although my day is filled with the same routines, my energy flows and my outlook is brighter.

   So, instead of resisting change, embrace it. Recognize what is old, identify what is new, and practice living fully into the adventure of the day.


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