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Get Connected!

DID YOU KNOW? The brain and the mind connect through a feedback loop. "The premise of a feedback loop is simple: Provide people with information about their actions in real time, then give them a chance to change those actions, pushing them toward better behaviors." Quote and Photo by Kevin Van Aelst Resource

Do you remember the four primary brain-tasks described in my first blog: Oxygenate Your Brain? Let me refresh your memory. They are

1. Connect – The Connector Brain is working to link you to your external and internal world.

2. Locate – The Locator Brain is acting to orient you in space and time.

3. Reflect – The Reflector Brain is laboring to communicate with others.

4. Transform –The Transformer Brain is producing creative new insights and perspective for you.

I wonder how you have enhanced, embraced and exercised your Connector Brain using ABC Tools #1-6 as described in previous blogs. I would like your feedback before we move to a series of blogs focused on the Locator Brain.

  • What has made the most sense to you?

  • What is your favorite ABC Tool?

  • How have you put it into practice … when and where?

  • What difference has this made in living life to the fullest: physically, emotionally, mentally, behaviorally or spiritually?

Please consider these questions and give me your feedback. One person told me with a smile in her voice, “I spent the day oxygenating my brain!” Another person commented, “I didn’t know how much I held my breath.” Let me know how you are training your Connector Brain. Make a comment, send a text or give me a call. Thanks!


Harness the Power of Your Brain!

May you Live Life to the Fullest!



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