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DID YOU KNOW? The brain weighs 3 lbs. It is protected in its cranial space by skull bones to shield it, by 3 thin membranes, meninges, to stabilize it and by cerebrospinal fluid to provide nutrients and eliminate waste products.

I was driving to Steamboat Springs from Hayden the other day. It occurred to me that I was leaving one space at the Library and going to another space in my home. As my mind traveled from the past, reflecting on what took place at the Library, to the future, making my home-to-do list, my eyes caught a glimpse of the passing scenery. Suddenly, I found myself driving in my car and describing the environment. Keenly aware of the beauty before and around me, my internal voice sprang up and I heard the following:

Earth patches, wandering through verdant green pastures, links connect effortlessly.

Seasons flow, changing colors with sparkling light, summer is here.

Water moves, wandering through sky-rocked cliffs, refreshment breathes deeply.

Black ribbons, moving in two equal directions, travelers choose path.

Past future, circling lines full of balance, land pleasantly now.

The brain is a space traveler. Have you ever awaked from a sleep and wondered “Where am I?” Have you ever thought of someone and wondered, “Where is he/she?” If so, you know what it means for a split second to be lost in space. In the blink of an eye, your Locator Brain automatically kicks into gear and finds you in a familiar places. Much like a dolphin with sonar to navigate through the ocean and communicate with each another, so too, we as humans have the same capacity to locate ourselves in space.

The capacity to self-locate or self-identify is one of the brain’s greatest hidden treasures. It happens automatically and is available 24/7. How is it possible to uncover this hidden treasure when I am disorientated or confused? How can I locate myself when I am lost in space, unable to land in present reality? How do I cultivate this ability to calm the brain and relax the mind? The ABC Tool #10: Space Travel is designed for you to explore these questions.


The Locator Brain orients you in space and time.


ABC Tool #10: Space Travel

A – Alert – Be Aware!

  1. Ask yourself, “Where am I?” “Am I located inside my body or outside of my body?”

  2. Ask yourself, “Where are you? “Are you in-here or out-there?”

B – Blink – Be Present!

  1. Breathe deeply … Exhale and count to seven.

  2. Blink three times. Resource

  3. Pay attention to your environment.

C – Change – Be Located!

  1. Orient yourself

  • Look around you and describe three things you see. “I see the color blue.”

    • “I see _____________________________________.”

    • “I see _____________________________________.

    • “I see _____________________________________.”

  • Listen to the sounds around you and describe three things you hear. “I hear the birds.”

    • “I hear _____________________________________.”

    • “I hear _____________________________________.”

    • “I hear _____________________________________.”

  • Feel your body and describe three things you touch. “I feel my feet on the ground.”

    • “I feel _____________________________________.”

    • “I feel _____________________________________.”

    • “I feel _____________________________________.”

2. Create space

  • Explore the space around you.

    • Stand up. Plant your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly. Raise your arms. Let your hands feel the space around you. If there is an object or a person to close, move to create air-space.

    • Pretend you are standing in a protective bubble. Explore the dimensions of the bubble … above, below and beside you. Feel the air all around you. Let your breath flow freely as you locate yourself.

    • Note: You are welcome to experience this exercise from a sitting or lying-down position.

  • Discover the space within you.

    • Find Home. Home is where the heart is. Your heart is located in your chest cavity. Focus your attention on your heart. Let your breath guide you. Exhale and follow your breath to your heart. Inhale and feel the expansive space located in front, behind and around your heart. Discover your heart-space.

    • Locate Wisdom. Wisdom is borne of experience and knowledge. If your mind is consumed by a repetitive or negative thought, say to yourself, “Stop!” Exhale and say, “Thought, go back to your source!” Repeat as needed. If your mind is fixated on a disagreeable person, say to yourself, “Stop!” Exhale and send the person outside of yourself. Create space between you and the other person. Say, “I am here … you are there.” Repeat as needed. Listen to your own voice. Discover your head-space.


Embrace the Vitality of Your Brain!

May Life flow as you travel through space!



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