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Get ready for an amazing adventure with JoAnne Grace! Join her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Learn how to care for your brain health and find a deep sense of wholeness within yourself. Harmonize with your essential life-force and take control. Imagine living a balanced and fulfilling life. Let's embark on this transformative exploration together.

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Faith Listening
Awaken to God's Life.  Bless God's Name.  Celebrate God's Presence

This book is life changing. It is full of proactive strategies to move you through trauma, to bring clarity in times of darkness, and to find order in times of chaos. It challenges you to discover how God is actively present in your relationships and experiences. Faith Listening is a powerful and prayerful approach to guide you or a loved one through physical pain, mental confusion, emotional drama, behavioral outbursts, or spiritual distress by connecting and with God. Start your adventure today!

Available in hard copy and ebook.



Faith Listening emerges today as a powerful and prayerful approach that integrates God’s Life with your day-to-day experiences and relationships. It is a learned ability to discern God’s Presence and to connect with God. It offers fresh insights into physical pain, mental anguish, emotional upheavals, behavioral trauma, and spiritual distress. Empower yourself with practical strategies and tools to navigate life’s challenges with compassion and confidence. Join me on this incredible adventure of self-discovery and self-control to Awaken to God’s Life, Bless God’s Name, and Celebrate God’s Presence.

THE POWER OF PRESENCE                  

Discover the radiant force of "The Power of Presence" as it guides you towards connecting with compassion, inspiring change, and fostering love while embracing differences. This course is a transformative journey that leads to self-exploration, utilizing practical communication strategies to deepen your self-understanding and connection with the divine. Learn how to be fully present in the company of others, drawing wisdom from spiritual teachings and physical principles to cultivate meaningful and harmonious relationships. Embrace your authentic self through a wholistic approach that emphasizes connectivity and creativity.


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JoAnne, creator of Pneumasomatic Care TM,  offers a fresh and unique approach to handling physical pain, mental uncertainty, emotional upheaval, behavioral trauma, and spiritual distress. She presents practical strategies deeply connected to your identity and relationships, empowering you to enrich your quality of life and fully engage with your daily experiences. Contact her now to start your journey of exploration and healing.

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