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Dreams and Scripture                                                                                                      SUNDAY'S Nov 29- Dec 20

                                                                                                                                  5:00-7:00 PM

Join me and Rev. Catie Greene in exploring dreams through Advent. We look at the 4 different types of dreams in Scripture. We discover how they are present in our lives. We practice the communication skill of faith listening. (No experience required.)

This live-online class is offered in conjunction with St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Steamboat Springs, CO. Pre-registration required.

The Simplicity of Need                                                                                                    COMING in Jan 2021                                                           

An amazing experience to unwrap the gift of reconciliation as is occurs while listening through the ears of faith. Whether you apply Faith Listening to your own story or those of others, the riches of being in God’s Presence is awe-inspiring. No longer absorbed by human points of view, we are bathed by light of a God creating anew. From the simplicity of need to the discovery of how God supplies, we are free to settle into a safe place. It is in this place that the “still small voice” resounds with new insights and meaning.


Take control of your brain heath, manage your emotions, and live a heathier life.

Join me, JoAnne Grace, in a journey of self discovery and control.

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